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Supporting aerospace and aviation professionals in North-Wales, Cheshire, Wirral and beyond.

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Serving the North-Wales, Cheshire and Wirral area, and catering for professional and leisure aerospace interests, the Branch holds diverse monthly lectures, including occasional, joint lectures with other societies.

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Leadership & Information
Provide influence and leadership to the aerospace, aviation and space domains, disseminating impartial and authoritative knowledge and information to a broad audience.
Diverse and Active Membership
Attract and support a diverse and active membership base both nationally and internationally, via a wide range of activities across the entire aerospace, aviation and space community. ​
Professional Standards
Maintain and facilitate professional standards across a wide range of competence and academic activities.
A Registered Charity
Act in accordance with, and maintain the Royal Aeronautical Society charitable status.

Upcoming events

ZEROe - A Hydrogen Powered Future for AviationLecture8th March, 2023
Andy Reynolds, Airbus. An engineer with almost thirty years of successful experience in the aerospace sector, currently the head of ZEROe Hydrogen Storage and Distribution...
Mr Andy Reynolds
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A Test Pilots CareerLecture12th April, 2023
William “Muz” Colquhoun has had an extensive career in test piloting. He will be giving us an overview of his career and sharing some of the most interesting stories...
Mr William “Muz” Colquhoun
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General Meeting
Annual General MeetingGeneral Meeting24th May, 2023
Royal Aeronautical Society Chester Branch General Meeting will take place on the 10th of May, 2023 and will feature mini talks and possible NE Rowe Competition speakers.
Royal Aeronautical Society Chester Branch
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